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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Gotz Ice Cream Cones!

And if you fiends wanna lick, it's gonna cost you 20 bones!

They 10's, they 10's, but I keepz dem clean though.

What's better than being an ice cream man and driving an ice cream truck you ask?
Well, I will tell you.

Taking yo mamma's old Chevy van, sprayin' it pink and luring children into your creepy creepy creepy world.

Just remember......
Before jumping in da game, let's get one thing understood.
If you gonna sell dat ice cream, make sure it's fucking good.


  1. we have a local ice cream man who calls himself, and i shit you not, scary larry.

    you know when you used to tape Return of the Jedi off of TV and the fucking tape was old so all of the music sounded really warped? that is what his ice cream truck sounds like

    frankly, Da Talent, I'd rather encounter this fellow

  2. There's a local (county) ice cream vendor with the standard vendor van, but painted with unlicensed popular cartoon characters. I should narc on them.

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  4. i have several ice cream bar wrappers under my front seat.